Vintage Space is Back!


Hello everyone who probably thought they’d never get an update from this blog ever again… surprise! Vintage Space joined Popular Science’s blog network when it launched two years ago, and I loved being a part of an awesome network at an amazing place, but we got some sad news a couple of weeks ago: the Editor-in-Chief has decided to shut down the blog network. I’m looking for a new home for Vintage Space, but in the meantime I’m coming back to my roots at this WordPress site that can’t be hacked like my last one was!

And of course, there are tons of other places to find my work online! The biggest one, by far, is my YouTube channel. It’s the companion to this blog with short videos about topics I dig into in longer articles. You can also find my daily on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and podcast coming soon via Radio Misfits! You can, of course, also find my first book, Breaking the Chains of Gravity on Amazon or signed on my website. And if you love Vintage Space in all its incarnations you can help me make even more great content by supporting my Patreon!

So be sure to subscribe to this blog for all the updates and new posts, and of course if I have any news about exciting upcoming events or a new home for Vintage Space I’ll be posting it here. The Vintage Space archive from PopSci will stay online, so I’ll urge you guys to check that out instead of the now-embarrassingly old posts archived here… Oh the joys of having everything archived as you become a better writer!

See you wonderful readers around the Internets!


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